DuoVIAL’s dual-chamber products are based upon technology incorporating a unique High Recovery Vial form (HRV) + Lasered Annular Cleave Ring (LACR) modification.

LACR process

The process is carried out with a high intensity laser.

Single piece detached disk

Once cleaved, the disk is left over with no particles or sharps.

LACR Technology

Manually cleaved

The lasered surface provides a feature that can be cleaved manually to open the flow path.

Frosted surface

The cleaved surface has a soft frosted surface, like pebbles of glass on the beach.

Filling & sealing
A single piece tubular glass container, consisting of two chambers separated by an impermeable glass membrane.
Filling & sealing
Ampoule chamber, benefiting from the inertness of only glass contact, is filled with liquid diluent.
Filling & sealing
Ampoule chamber is hermetically sealed using the established flame sealing process.
Filling & sealing
Vial chamber, benefiting from the functionality of the lyo-stopper, is filled with liquid or powder.
Filling & sealing
Vial chamber is aseptically closed through established crimp seal or screw cap components.


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