The contemporary glass packaging unit for mixing two-component formulations.

DuoVIAL’s unique form, enabled by LACR technology delivers safe and easy application for the consumer, all whilst embracing the material advantages and beauty of glass.


Glass uniquely provides a transparent, impermeable and inert barrier, maintaining the sterility and stability of sensitive formulations.


A laser modified glass membrane enables safe and controlled activation, allowing the two component formulation to combine, all within the DuoVIAL® unit.


Clean and direct transfer of product into the applicator avoids spillage or contamination of a measured dose of product formulation.


A singular glass packaging unit minimises material use, shipping volume and product waste.


Glass walls ensure product formulations are protected from degradation by liquid or gas.

Safe & Easy opening

Precision LACR glass modification provides a consistent force to open, enabled by twisting the cap.


Laser marking within the glass provides an indelible identification, providing traceability and anti-counterfeiting.

LACR´d chamber

Laser modification creates a ‘clean-cleave’ separation to enable mixing.

Screw cap

Tamper evident collar ring & flip-off cap.

Direct luer-lock connection

Easy clean 2pc. applicator

Minimal retained product


Clear / Amber glass
Ø13mm – 24mm

Chamber volume

Vial:  0.5 – 1.5ml
Ampoule:  1 – 10ml

SIF - Structural Integral Filter

An integral filter ensures particle free product dispensing.

Lyo-Stopper (Butyl rubber)

Using DuoVIAL®
1. Flip off the lid on the cap.
Using DuoVIAL®
2. Twist the cap to release the powder into the liquid.
Using DuoVIAL®
3. Swirl the vial to mix liquid and powder.
Using DuoVIAL®
4. Draw up the formulation with a syringe.

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