The contemporary dual-chamber mixing applicator for topical applications.
Protect and store your sensitive powder formulations alongside their liquid diluent. Ready to mix and apply by the end-user at their convenience.


Minimalist design ensures simplicity.

Reduced materials utilisation reduces costs.

Recyclable and separable materials reduce product waste.


Impermeable barrier – Glass walls ensure product formulations are protected from degradation by liquid or gas.

Inert headspace – Nitrogen gas can be used to displace the headspace atmosphere.

Safe & easy opening

Single-use cartridge is located into the reusable AppTivator, utilising the tip and cap to:

Pierce foil,  activate cartridge,  reconstitute & mix formulation, filter & administer the product evenly and smoothly onto the skin.


Tamper evidence is inherent, through single piece glass with integral LACR’d glass membrane and flame sealed ampoule form.

Aluminium foil sealed by direct induction, prevents peel-off integrity.

Cartridge ejection button at base.

Apptivator encases and protects glass cartridge. Compact, ergonomic and portable form with product dose-level windows.

Two-component cartridge (glass & aluminium foil).

Sintered Porous Polymer (SPP) filter tip wicks liquid from cartridge to flocked dome surface.

Screw Cap - Twist onto AppTivator to activate and mix formulation.

Quick and easy activation

To activate the cartridge, simply pierce the foil with the tip and screw the cap into the body. This will cleave the inner glass chamber, mixing the powder and the liquid.

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